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    Question Need Advice about Remodeling Plaster Walls

    Moved into a very large house that is over 100 years old. The plaster on the walls are cracking and also breaking off in large pieces in all the rooms. We want to put some type of wall covering over it (but not drywall) and then put either a textured plaster or wallpaper on. Need advice on how to remodel these walls and what are all the opitions out there to use as a wall covering. I have pic's of the walls but could not get them to upload.
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    Default Re: Need Help Remodeling Plaster Walls


    If you literally have extensive plaster falling off the walls, you need a professional plasterer. After the loose plaster has been addressed, you have alternatives for treating the walls.

    At the time your house was built, it was not uncommon to hang plain canvas over brand new plaster. This took care of hair line cracks so common to plaster. It also allowed the wall to be cleaned to bare plaster, after years accumulation of paint, merely by pulling the canvas down intact.

    There are wallcoverings still available for such purposes. They are heavy woven fabrics covered in a white vinyl which is intended to be painted over. They come in plain or textured versions. Some resemble swirled stucco. They generally come in 54 inch wide stock. When the edges are "double cut", the seams are virtually invisible. Any good paint store dealing in wallcoverings will be familiar with these products.

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    Default Re: Need Help Remodeling Plaster Walls

    If the plaster is orginal it most likely is on wood lath.
    For all the existing plaster that is in good shape and has plaster keys at the lath joints you can make sure it stays by using plaster washers and the adhesive sold by Big Wally called Plaster Magic works very well.
    Than replace all missing plaster using USG Structo-Lite plaster or **** Bond Gypso Lite plaster.
    Than skim with a good veneer that will bond to the existing painted surface or existing plaster.
    After you have it skimmed you can paint, texture or leave it a natural plaster finish.
    If you want a fabric over the walls / ceilings research Plaster in A Roll.

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