Hi everyone. I have several questions.

The water where I live is so hard. Plus my water heater is getting really old.

I would like to install a water softener and a new hot water heater.

First. Does a water softener require a drain to drain into?

I am looking for the best, most reliable, softener. I don't care about price. What is a really reliable, long lasting softener that requires little maintenance? Also I want a big on that doesn't reduce water pressure and one that I don't have to fill with salt every other day.

I did some brief research and came up with this one.

Fleck 9000 80,000 Grain Capacity (each tank) Water Softener System. K90R800

www daught watervalue daught com slash watersofteners daught html

Is this one good?

I have a small house only 2 baths, a kitchen, and a laundry room. But I really don't want to have a problem with water pressure or charging problems.

It makes sense to put the softener on the main line before going to the hot water tank or else I would have hard hot water and soft cold water. But does soft water ruin a hot water heater faster???

Finally, what should my configuration look like???

Main Line -> Softener -> Filter -> Water Heater -> House???


Main Line -> Filter -> Softener -> Water Heater -> House???


Something else???