My house was built around 1896 and the foundation is stone.

This is my first post and I can't post a picture, so I'll try to provide a URL to it, you may have to copy and paste it into your web browser:

There is moisture build up in the basement, mostly on the side where the exterior of the foundation is exposed most (the siding stops about 16 inches from the base of the driveway), leaving some of the foundation showing. There is no gutters, there once were, but they were removed before I bought the house.

I have a dehumidifier that keeps the basement dry (it does not get too moist down there), but I want some advice on what I could do to maintain the exterior and interior of the foundation walls.

I should get gutters installed, also, drainage? Money is a problem, but multiple options will be helpful.

Also, bits and pieces of the stone/mortar have chipped off the exterior of the foundation, is there any special solution you would recommend and how would I apply that?

Thinking about "what if my foundation caves in", keeps me awake at night. It doesn't get too moist, but in the long run, I want to feel assured.

Thanks in advance for any tips!