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    Question Covering up window in bathroom

    We are doing our small bathroom and are tiling the walls in the shower area. Before there was a small window on the bath wall. We are going to install a fan and want to cover the window. Do I need to put a vapor barrier when do that ? Any help in this area would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Big Jim

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    Can you post a photo? what you want to do is unclear.

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    Default Re: Covering up window in bathroom I tried to use the attachment link but it didn't work. I did this through drop box.

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    Yep, you need a waterproof membrane between all framing and the area to be tiled- including the removed window area. Windows in showers are trouble in the making- you're making a good call ridding yourself of it!


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    Default Covering window in bathroom

    Thanks for your reply. I am installing Dens Guard Tile Backer on the walls. I understand through the Dens Guard site as long as I have insulation and the Dens Guard I do not need a vapor barrier. My question is after I install Dens Guard on the walls I want to cover the window. Do I use a vapor barrier on the window or can I just put a piece of Dens Guard over it and then tile ? Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Big Jim

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