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    Default chimney placed in the valley

    We are fixing up a 1950s ranch that has a few additions. One addition in particular is causing a major headache for us. We are replacing the shingles with metal roof and we have reached the valley and it is clear that at the ridge and in the valley is the chimney. How do we redirect the water around the chimney? We are thinking of removing it however we would like to keep it....any help would be great. Thanks

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    Default Re: chimney placed in the valley

    I would hate to be in your shoes.

    Most leaks are around chimneys and in valleys. Double trouble here.

    If you keep the chimney, you'll need a super roofer, someone who knows how to flash a chimney located in the valley. It can be done. Hold a retainer on the job and release it after a few inspections.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: chimney placed in the valley

    I would probably build a cricket to divert the water away from the chimney. Instead of one valley aimed at the chimney, there would be a ridge aimed at it, and two valleys diverging from it at either side.

    Remove not the ancient landmark, which your fathers have set.

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    Default Re: chimney placed in the valley

    A cricket to divert the water. A good roofer that knows how to use flashing and counterflashing at the chimney. Ice & water shield as appropriate around the chimney(the rest of the roof too). inset the counter flashing into the brick joints at the chimney.

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