I wouldn't waste money removing it, unless you need to do major rennovations. IF it's left undisturbed, it's not hurting anybody. IT's only dangersou when disturbe an inhaled. This is isn't a plile of plutonim that radiates hazardous energy and it's not black mold that releasing toxic spores.

Just leave it alone and go about living your life. I have asbos insulation on hundreds of feet of abandoned hot water pipes in my house. It's not comming apart or falling down.

In summary... let sleeping dogs lie. IF you drive past a low incom ethnic neighborhood, ou don't roll down the window and yell ethnic slurs, then call the cops for being harassed do you?

Don't mess with it and it won't mess with you. Remediation actually is likely to expose you to more risk than doing nothing.

You wore a mask, so your exposure was minimized. IF you hadn't your exposure would still have been very small.