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    Default Adding bathroom light over shower

    Want to add a shower light in my bathroom and wanted to know if the wiring I have is correct. When I started I had two switches, one controls the existing bathroom light, and the other the fan. So my question is do I just run the wire from the new shower light to the existing light switch and connect black to black and white to white and ground to ground, sounds to easy.

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    Default Re: Adding bathroom light over shower

    Don't disconnect any wires, yet.

    Look in your old fixture. If you see a black and a white, the answer is yes. Now look in the light switch: do you see 2 blacks?The black in the old fixture actually comes from the switch.

    If your switch has a black and a white (black = "hot" in and white "hot" goes to the old fixture), then your old fixture should have 2 whites. If that's the case, you have to determine which one is the hot (if not labeled so) by testing. Using a simple tester, flip the switch and find the hot wire. Connect the new fixture accordingly.

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    Default Re: Adding bathroom light over shower

    Well said dj1, I agree with you

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