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    Default Recirculating Pump

    I just watched and episode of ATOH and saw the intstalation of a recirculating pump to fix the problem of running the hot water on the second floor for a while waiting for the water to get hot, wasting water.
    I have the opposite problem here in Phoenix. We have to run the cold water for a long time before we get cold to come out of the faucet. The pipes run thru the attic space which gets mega hot up there.
    Is there a way to use a recirculating pump to solve this issue?

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    Default Re: Recirculating Pump

    The simple answer is no. What you could do is insulate the cold water line in the attic. This may help some. But I don't imagine your water is that cold in Phoenix to start with.


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    Default Re: Recirculating Pump

    Let me add to john's answer:

    A pump needs constant water supply, and in the case of hot water, the source of the water is the water heater tank. But a pump won't work on the cold water side because it won't be able to get any water to circulate when the water source is shut off.

    Besides wrapping the cold water pipes with pipe insulation, you can add insulation on top. Your attic tops 150 F during the day, and you may want to explore ways to cool your attic a little with improved ventilation. Other than that, running the cold side till all the heated water runs out is the only choice.

    Now if there was a way to save this water...and use it for irrigation - that would be great.

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