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    I am trying to strip wallpaper from my bedrrom wall and now some of the paint is pealing in rather large pieces. I have stripped alot of wallpaper, and not only am I have a very difficult time removing this paper, now, I am having this paint issue. One spot has to be 2 x 2 area.

    What do I do before I paint again????

    Please help!!:

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    Sounds like you might be encountering a paint job which had a bad prime job under it. How much moisture/water are you applying to the wall and for how long a period. Eventually, the water used to dissolve the paste holding the wallpaper on keeps working its way into the drywall and can break the bond of the primer to the drywall. A common mistake in removing wall paper is to wet too far ahead. If you get too far ahead, you can't keep up with the stripping and the wall starts to dry down again, but not before needlessly having given moisture a chance to work deeper into the wall.
    Once you have gotten the paper off and the paste washed off, you will need to skim coat the damage areas with drywall mud and then prime the whole room with a a good acrylic drywall primer (PVA primer is not as good as 100% acrylic primer).

    My condolences. Wallpaper removing was always one of my least favorite jobs, mainly because you never quite know in advance whether the day will go well or turn into a nightmare. Unfortunately, it is largely beyond your control as you don't know the competence of the person who hung the paper. Properly hung paper usually does not present great challenges in removong.

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    I found all of this out the hard way. Only, my problem was that the wall paper was the only layer on the plaster walls. No when I had someone texture the wall without removing the wall paper (because he said I didn't need to) the moisture from the mud loosened the wall paper from the wall, and huge sheets of textured dry wall mud came off the wall. It was a royal pain and we had to sc**** most of the walls and have it retextured.
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