Recently my husband and I have fallen in love with a 1700's farmhouse in need of serious repair. The home needs to be torn down to the shell and given lots of TLC but we believe it is worth it all. Plus the view of the land (just over 14acres) in a desirable neighborhood is worth any and all effort we put into the home.The home with property, one car garage, a shed, and barn is going for ridiculously cheap in our dream neighborhood. The only problem is we are having trouble getting financing for an "as-is" home in the state of Maine due to the house not being livable in its current condition. Eventually we want to make the house our home but it will take time, love and patience. How can we make our dream of homeownership with this farmhouse a reality? Any good resources we can use or read to better educate ourselves on as-is home buying would be fantastic!! As a side note this will be our first home purchase and with any luck only home purchase
Thank you so much!!