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    Default Re: Water heating for bed & breakfast

    John you're right. Water heater makers are not that quick to honor tank warranties and always look for provisions not to pay.

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    Default Re: Water heating for bed & breakfast

    Great, It looks like I'll add a new 50 gallon heater to the existing and roll the dice with the warranty issue

    I really appreciate everyone's feedback!

    Happy Spring

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    Default Re: Water heating for bed & breakfast

    Solution #1 would be to put in a larger commercial tank such as an A.O.Smith btr197 which is a 100 gall tank with 197,00 btu.
    option number 2 would be to use a raypack or camus boiler with bronze headers and a 100 gall storeage tank. option 3 would be at least 2 bosch pro tanklessunits with a 10 gall storeage tank, AND YES I SAID 100 GALL STOREAGE TANK WITH THE TANKLESS, WE DO IT ALL THE TIME AND THE DISTRIBUTORS RECCOMEND IT.

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