Hello all,

The walls and ceiling in our dining room is covered in a very thick, very rough texture. We called a plaster spe******t to take a look at it and offer up options to remove it, or smooth it entirely.

As he explored the thickness of the texture treatment, he noticed that the texture had been put over ceiling tiles on our ceiling - something we hadn't noticed. He tore a small chunk of one of the tiles away to see was support it, and immediately stated that he felt they were "hot", as in asbestos. He said if the tiles didn't house asbestos, than the glue patches certainly did.

He stated there were three options, and in no particular order here they are;

He can lay 1/4" drywall over it (lowering our already low ceiling)
We can call an asbestos removal crew to come in and remove the tiles
We can remove them ourselves

He was clear that he couldn't make that decision and that he was only outlining possible options.

We'd love to get rid of the tiles and have a higher, clean ceiling, but I'm worried that the cost to remove the tiles will be significant. I'm going to call to get some quotes on the asbestos removal, but wanted to see if there was any direction on possibly doing a self removal.

My wife is concerned, rightfully so, because we have an infant in the house. I simply want to make the right decision based on safety and what makes sense.

Has anyone had any experience with asbestos removal teams that they can share, or any specifics I should look for as I make some calls?

Has anyone done this on their own, and is it challenging or fairly straightforward as long as you're cautious?