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    Default Painting electrical conduit

    I am helping my brother remodel his basement and fix the remodel problems caused by the previous owner. Can electrical conduit be painted , and if so is there a type of paint that should be used. The thought is to use a sprayer to paint the conduit along with the floor joists and the first floor flooring.

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    Default Re: Painting electrical conduit

    Any kind of paint that will stick.

    You might want to wipe it down with a tack cloth (rag dampened with mineral spirits or paint thinner) to remove any grime & grease that may be on the conduit. Then, if it's metal, you might want to spray it with a metal primer.
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    Default Re: Painting electrical conduit

    I agree with Fencepost it is a good idea to use something to clean the metal off with first before painting. I also think you should use a metal primer that is tinted to the color you want. I do however think you might want to use a brush to paint the metal conduit as spray paint can miss areas and with a brush you can usually get all of the places. In my case that was especially true as I was painting over metal wire mold that as you know has indentations and can be easily missed by spray paint. Either way is fine though you just might have to go over it a second time. Good luck to you!

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