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    Default leak around chimney

    I have read the other threads about chimney leaks. they don't seem to address my problem.

    I have a 40 year old house. I have the orginal roof. the flashing around the chimney seems to be inset in the brick. I have added sealer to the flashing. I have also resealed the shingles to the flashing. I am still get leaks in a hard rain. The water seems to flow down the outside of the brick and come down exterior of the chimney into tliving room.

    I am open to suggestions.

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    Default Re: leak around chimney

    It's difficult to pinpoint the area over the internet.
    A garden hose is a valuable tool in locating a leak such as this.
    Start at the obvious spots like the flashing and so on. Then check the less ovious spots like the masonary top cap , inside the chimney , etc.
    "" an ounce of perception -- a pound of obscure "
    - Rush

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    Default Re: leak around chimney

    A leak like you have is not only difficult to pinpoint, like canuk said, it's also hard to get rid of. Just adding tar and caulking won't do it and after all your roof is 40 years old.

    I'd remove everything around the chimney and start from scratch. Install new flashing, tar paper and shingles. You must know how to integrate the new with the old. And if you're not sure, have a roofer do it, or you may end up with a bigger leak.

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