I'm renovating my basement that was recently flooded. I have a couple issues I'm hoping someone can help me out with.

Issue #1: I removed flooded carpet/padding. Underneath, I found a wood subfloor in 3 rooms, connected with a hallway that has not wood subfloor, but tiles containing asbestos. Both wood subfloor and tiles are flush with each other. Can't remove the tiles, but want a finished wood flooring. Should I lay another subfloor overtop of both (tile/wood) or leave as is and simply place wood flooring overtop?

Issue #2: I removed the sheetrock wall and found framing was made with several types of sized woods...furring strips, 2x4, etc. I decided to remove all of the frame and start over from scratch. The ceiling is intact, but do I need to cut back ceiling sheetrock closest to basement walls to expose ceiling joists, so when I put up the framed wall to fit snug with the ceiling joists or can I just place frame up against the ceiling sheetrock?

Any help would be greatly appreciated with much needed detail.


Basement books you'd recommend? Illustrated step by step guide?