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    Angry Built-in Outdoor Grills

    A little frustrated here, and happy to receive advice:

    A) Why are outdoor gas built-in grills like 3-10X more expensive than portable grills? You can get a very decent grill on wheels for $400. Built-ins start at $1,000 minimum, it seems. I don't get it.

    B) Anyone got better recommendations?

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    Default Re: Built-in Outdoor Grills

    I would guess it has to do with more robust construction & materials similar to residential kitchen equipment vs. commercial equipment.
    Portable means disposable or the ability to get it out of the weather. Built in means permanent and always outside.

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    Default Re: Built-in Outdoor Grills

    I think that since built in BBQs are not as easy to replace, they usually sell you the upgraded versions, like the stainless steel, less likely to rust and deteriorate, etc.

    Depending on what you will use your BBQ for or how long you will stay in the house, you can determine which BBQ is right for you.

    I have a portable BBQ grill, and it cooks very well. I can use it ouside the kitchen or move to the shade on a hot day. It was on clearance at Lowes for less than $200.

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