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    Default Best seed to help with curbing water runoff

    I have a sloping backyard that has been the victim of run-off for several years. Lost a lot of the top soil in the process. I am working on this problem this spring (curbing the run-off) and need to fill in many areas of the deepest erosion. I thought I would mix a 50:50 mix of top soil and compost (manure) to fill in the worst eroded spots. My question is: what is the best TYPE of grass seed to use in these areas so that I can get good, quick and thick root growth to help arrest further erosion? My location is Richmond, Virginia and my back yard backs up to a wooded city right of way and is shady for most of the day.

    Richmond, VA

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    Default Re: Best seed to help with curbing water runoff

    Sod would be your best bet. Otherwise a rye grass is the quickest germinating seed you can get.

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