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    Default Repair Interior Room Paint Job - Semi-Gloss Latex Paint

    I had the (drywall) walls in my guest room painted a few weekends ago while out of town. Upon my return, I was horrified. There were large drips of paint evident, long vertical and horizontal lines and streaks from the misuse of a square foam roller.

    From what I found in researching the issue, I decided to slightly sand these areas and apply a second layer of paint.

    After doing so, while a few of the lighter marks were gone, for the most part the original streaks, drips, etc. remained. I used a 3/8" nap roller.

    HELP. Please advise if I should use a paint remover to remove the bad areas, prime, use a longer napped roller to apply a third coat or what?

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    Default Re: Repair Interior Room Paint Job - Semi-Gloss Latex Paint

    Call the moron that fubar'd your walls back to fix the problem, at the very least withhold payment.

    As to a fix, you've got a mess on your hands no matter what. I would be inclined to let the paint cure off first. From there I would use a combination of sanding to remove the globs, then lightly use mineral spirits on a rag to feather the sanded areas back into the full paint areas.

    After that, if you've got bare drywall, spot prime with Zinsser 123 Bull's Eye (blue label ), spot paint with your top coat. If you notice you've got blotches after this, repaint the entire wall with another coat of paint.
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    Default Re: Repair Interior Room Paint Job - Semi-Gloss Latex Paint


    If the culprit used a latex paint, sanding will not get good results. Latex paint just clogs up your sandpaper. You can try to knock down the high spots with sandpaper, but the rest will probably require skimming over the surface with drywall mud to feather out the damage. The drywall mud can then be sanded with a sanding block loaded with 120 grit paper. A dampened sponge around the edges of the patches will help make the transition from the newly smooth patces to the old texture less obvious.
    You can then spot prime the patches , deliberately using an older, slighty worn roller cover in an effort to impart a little texture to the very smooth patches. Then give the room a general priming followed by one or two finish coats of paint. A low sheen paint will not highlight any remaining texture variation.

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    Default Re: Repair Interior Room Paint Job - Semi-Gloss Latex Paint

    What they both said plus;

    Knock down the drips with sandpaper and float with drywall mud as described. The Zinnser primer is excellent.

    The lowest sheen paint to hide the mistakes I'd use is 'eggshell' DO NOT use flat paint as it will show every hand print for eternity. eggshell is scrub-able.

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