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    Default Closet Flange Repair Kit

    We are remodeling our bathroom due to a leaking toilet. I just purchased a Quik-Fix Closet Flange Extension Kit because our original flange is fastened to the plywood below our finished floor. Are these extension kits reliable? Should I use wax or silicone between the original flange and the extension? I really want to avoid another leaking toilet problem!


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    You should be fine using 100% silicone just make sure the wax ring you use is one with a horn ( The black boot ) because technically water shouldn't even get that wet! so you should be fine I personally always double my wax ring so I use one with a horn and one without the horn always run them under hot water before I open the package to the wax rings then put them on. I would silicone it if It was me just to make it sit more flush but long as you use the horn you shouldn't have to wait for it to dry hope this helps you make sure you screw it down though don't just silicone it only.

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    Default Re: Closet Flange Repair Kit

    Be aware that wax rings with horns can cause stoppage problems if not installed properly. We don't use them because of that reason. If need be use two regular wax seals.


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    Default Re: Closet Flange Repair Kit

    Or you can use a Sani-Seal waxless ring which is thick enough to get the job done, comes with a built in horn. You can find them on line at amazon or sanisealgasket dot com

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