I am contemplating purchasing a 1910 Craftsman home in wonderful condition, except one thing. There are 3 honey bee hive colonies under the shingle siding on the second floor. I have been told that I must have the hive (wax and comb etc) removed after the bees are relocated. One source suggests I do this from the exterior by removing the affected shingles, treating the area and sealing it, then replacing the shingles. The other source suggests cutting into the lath and plaster interior walls, removing the hive, then filling and sealing the area, finally patching the wall with drywall. Which do you suggest? Or should I not buy this home at all? All the sources I found said that the house will always attract swarms because of the smell of the old hives. Most of the bee removal companies I've contacted so far have quoted the work to cost between $7,200 and $16,000. If this is what it takes to "bee proof" the home, I cannot buy it
I would love some ideas and suggestions.