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    Default New sliding glass door or just insulate better?

    My current sliding glass doors are double pane with aluminum frame and original with the house which was built in 1985. This past winter we could really feel the cold air coming in (we live in Virginia). Will a new sliding glass door make a significant difference on electricity bills and comfort or should I just work on better insulating the doors? My other concern was how easily it could be lifted out by a burgalar, this could probably be remedied with an after market lock or some screws in the top of the frame. My contractor gave me a quote of about $2K to replace the current door with an Atrium brand door. Thoughts?

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    Default Re: New sliding glass door or just insulate better?

    1. Insulate better for the time being.

    2. Secure the door with after market devices. Thieves don't like obstacles to slow them down, unless they see 10 kg of 99.999 pure G O L D on the table.

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