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    Default The Arlington House Massachusetts

    Just watched this weekends show....the guy in the basement that was waterproofing the spot where a window had been...he was mixing something that forms crystals and hardens quickly to form a waterproof bond....what is the name of the product? Do you think I can use it to put between bricks in a basement?

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    Haven't seen that episode yet, but if you're seeking waterproofing, then that needs to be done on the outside, not the inside- you don't want that brick and mortar to be constantly bathing in water which will cause it to deteriorate. If the mortar just needs pointing for cracks, use the proper type that matches what you've got. Generally, you should use products only for their intended purpose and I doubt that the stuff you saw was intended for whole-wall coverage (but I might be wrong).


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    I'm guessing it was either hydraulic cement, or Bentonite clay. Didn't see the episode. We have too many PBS channels and I can never run into the show any more.
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    I watched the episode “Quest for a Dry Basement” right from the This Old House web site. They did not say or show the name of the product. They did say it was expensive. However, at the end of the show after the first credits they name the different companies involved with the house. You might be able to contact the concrete company directly. They list MJM Masonry and New England Dry Concrete.

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