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    Default HELP! Dripping faucet / stuck valves...

    I have a dripping faucet in an old house I bought. I checked out youtube videos on how to fix it but can't get passed the first step. Both hot & cold shutoff valves are totally stuck. If I try to forcefully wrench them shut, would I damaged something or cause a potential flooding under the sink? Any ideas on how I can fix this mess? Also, the faucet is an old Elger w/o caps I can pry open to access the bolts to take remove & replace. I'm pretty lost here. Please help! Thanks so very much!!!


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    Default Re: HELP! Dripping faucet / stuck valves...

    Never force plumbing fixtures when the main is on.

    If you don't have plumbing experience, now is not the time to gain any. Call a reasonable plumber or a knowledgeable handyman, the kind who won't raid your bank account, and let them handle this.

    At a minimum you'll need a new faucet, new hot/cold supply lines, new angle stops and depending on what you got under the sink - new nipples. Hard to say for sure without knowing or without a clear photo.

    It will be money well spent, not only you'll stop an annoying drip, you'll also reduce the chance for a major accidental flood, if what you have now fails.

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