we bought a 1955 ranch house 2 yrs ago. the first year we replaced windows, refinished floors, painted entire inside and had new trim (craftsman style) put on the windows/doors. this 2nd year a kitchen/dining addition was put on. just when we thought we could enjoy the house we noticed the paint is really peeling off the ceilings and walls in the old part of the house!! from what i can find it looks like it is a calcimine problem. UGH. the idea of having to sc****, wash, repaint and hope it doesnít show up on more places is really upsetting. can we sheetrock over the walls? if so, are there any moisture issues that could occur between old wall and new sheetrock? we do not want any mold issues down the road. we do not want to think about gutting rooms again either- what a mess. fyi..the outside walls are not insulated. can you please, please help? thanks so much!