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    Default picture hanging holes

    I live in an apartment where the walls are painted white. I used thumb tacks and very small nails to hang pictures. I'm moving and would like to know how to cover these small holes where the pictures were without repainting. (I would like to be able to get my deposit back)

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    White spackle will work fine. I'll warn you though, if the landlord sees splotches all over his walls during the final walk through the jig will be up.
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    Default Re: picture hanging holes

    Get yourself the smallest container of pre-mixed spackle and a damp sponge. Use your finger to dab the spackle into the holes. Wipe the area around the holes with the damp sponge. If you see a haze in a few hours, buff with an old towel.

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    Default Re: picture hanging holes

    If you get anything deducted from your security deposit, it will have nothing to do with wall paint. However, filling the tiny tuck and nail holes is a good idea. As explained above, sand the excess putty off.

    If you didn't cause any damages or break any of the conditions on your lease - you'll get your deposit back. If not, go to tenant-landlord or small claim court.

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