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    Default Radiant Flooring and Cutting Concrete

    I want to lay radiant flooring in some concrete that we have already poured. The slab is 10x10, but I only want radiant flooring in a strip of 3x7. I need to remove some concrete in order to do this. What is the best way for someone to remove 1/2 inch off the surface of concrete slab. We need to remove 1/2 inch from a slab of concrete, depth wise, in order to lay the radiant flooring down before we put tile on top of it so that all of the tile (from the non radiant floor and the radiant floor) will be even. What would you recommend would be the fastest and easiest way to accomplish this? What tools would I require?

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    Default Re: Radiant Flooring and Cutting Concrete

    This may not be a good approach. I doubt that such a thin layer of concrete would stay bonded and intact even without the disparity of heating and cooling added to the mix. I think it would be far better to plan on demo'ing the slab so the entire area would be monolithic. You may also find surprises like pipes in the slab which you'll have to deal with. This is why hydrionic radiant heating goes into a slab in the beginning- it needs to be planned for from the start.

    I'd suggest forgetting that and installing electric radiant heating mats under the tile instead. With that you won't need to go as deep. There are a number of ways to cut down a slab but the labor and the mess will be extensive and likely cost-prohibitive too. While anything is possible, some renovations aren't worth doing and I think this is one of them. You'll never recover the cost of this project in savings or gained value so I'd forget it and look at other design alternatives.


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    Smile Re: Radiant Flooring and Cutting Concrete

    Go to the suntouch website and call them. They will tell you the best way to add radiant heating to your existing floor....

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