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    Default Repairing Drywall With Fiberglass Window Screen

    I've watched the This Old House video on patching drywall and see where they use a fiberglass window screen or a screen patch one can buy at a Lowe's, etc.

    BUT it would seem to me that after placing this patch over a hole and covering it with joint compound that it would be raised relative to the surrounding wall and thus show no matter how much feathering of the edges one does.

    What am I missing? How does such a patch not show?

    And better still, why even use it if I use paper tape around the sides of a wallboard patch?


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    Default Re: Repairing Drywall With Fiberglass Window Screen

    To avoid the condition that you describe, you must have:

    1. A hole which is lower than the surface of the drywall.
    2. Apply the mud in thin layers. 3 thin layers are better than 1 thick layer. Of course 3 thin layers require more sanding and more time to dry.

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    Default Re: Repairing Drywall With Fiberglass Window Screen

    Howdy, yes a slight ridge that is floated out with drywall mud. Window screen can work but the patches are not window screen. Preston drywall clips for patching work very well and have a tab that is broken off. So if you use flat wall paint it covers allot of sins , uneven spots etc. If gloss paint then better have a real well prepared surface or get ready to see the work for ever- ok a very long long time.
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    Default Re: Repairing Drywall With Fiberglass Window Screen

    Yes, all drywall patches are higher than the surrounding dry wall done with screen, mesh tape, or paper tape. The feathering dose not level it but makes it as invisible as possible to the naked eye. The reason the screen, mesh tape, or paper tape is used is to bridge cracks.

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