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    Hi,the woman in the apt beneath me insists that my belongings are causing cracks in her 2 ceiling.I have lots of clothing stored in bags in one room ,but per square inch there can't be that much weight ,but,hardly any furniture in either room.Is there a way to tell, from their area ,and appearance, if it's from my apt or from structure/ground issues? The house is over 75 years old. Please help.She's really harassing me.
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    Frankly it is almost impossible to tell without a visual inspection and some knowledge about the building itself.

    If you have a manager/landlord, bring this issue to his/her attention. Let him/her solve the dispute.

    I've had cracks in ceilings of older one story homes, from quakes, settling and other reasons, so to blame the cracks on the extra weight of some clothes in a hasty accusation.

    Besides, how does your neighbor below know what possessions you have in your apartment?

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    The problem is not cracks in the ceiling below, but "flakes" living down there!

    Any building which was built to code takes into account normal expected furnishings and people who might be concentrated up there during a party. Short of you storing your lifetime brick collection in those rooms, you could not cause cracks down below.

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