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    Default 108 year old brick reuse for a walkway?

    Howdy, got a bunch and want to recycle it on my home place. Like old brick paved sidewalks but concerned that this is soft old brick its zone 5. Anyone got idea if any sealers help make it stand up to foot/ weathering if i use it for a walk way? Also any problems using a polymeric sand with it?
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    Default Re: 108 year old brick reuse for a walkway?

    Many roads during that period were made of brick. I suspect much of it was soft. IT's just errodes and gives it character. I think they just used sand to set the bricks back then. The key is the sub-base. IF installed right, it should be a few decades before it errodes significantly even with regular traffic.
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    Default Re: 108 year old brick reuse for a walkway?

    If they are salmon brick it's unlikely they would last beyond a winter. Brick intended for pavers would always have been picked from the hardest-fired ones.
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