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    we have well water and there is no kind of water pressure anywhere in the house.we had a plumber here and told us it was a filter in the bottom of the well and will cost 1000 to fix is there any other suggestions as to what could cause no water pressure. we had another plumber that said it was the pump do we go about finding the truth about what it could be

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    Most well pumps have a mesh screen that can get clogged though that doesn't happen often in a good well. The usual culprit is a poorly-lined bored well that has loose soil under the end of the liner, or where the liner sections weren't seated properly. In really old wells the liner may be failing. If you've got a submersible pump you're probably going to have to pull it out to clean and test it. That price will vary, mostly according to depth. If you pull a submersible for any reason I recommend doing a full pump maintenance while it's out unless you're replacing the pump. Pay special attention to foot valves and electrical lines and connections.

    If you've got an above-ground pump testing will be easier if it was installed properly. There should be a "Tee" on the inlet side where you can attach a known clear water source (a barrel and line) at the top to see if the pump and foot valve is OK. If they are then the screen is clogged.

    A clogged screen is very tough on a well pump, making it strain to do it's work. That will lower it's life expectancy dramatically. What I'd recommend is that you check with several neighbors (the more the better) and see who services their wells and if they are satisfied with them. One or two names will likely be highly regarded. Call them for a consultation for they will know the area and the common problems, so they will also know the best solutions.

    Well work is costly so if you're up to the heavy physical labor it takes to pull a pump, you'll save a lot of money doing your own work. Most likely you'll easily find a neighbor that does their own and will help you with advice but don't expect them to help with the labor for free if at all, and be prepared to get dirty in the arduous process. I'll help only my closest dearest friends with pulling their pumps- anyone else can call somebody else!


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    If this system has an expansion(bladder tank) a partially clogged screen would cause the pump to run nearly continuously but it should still reach pressure cut off level. If the pump is failing it should run nearly continuously because it wouldn't reach the cut off pressure. A little more complete discription of the system you have would help with diagnosis.

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    You should have a pressure gauge on the well, usually near the pressure switch. You may need to replace it first as they don't last very long, but do you have pressure at the well? If you don't, is the well running all the time? If the pump isn't running all the time, then it could simply be the pressure switch.

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