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    Post Peeling Paint from Ceiling

    I bought my first house last year. It is an A-frame in the mountains of SW Virginia. Not long after we moved in, my girlfriend and I noticed that the paint on the ceiling of the top floor was peeling, especially near the peak of the ceiling. The peeling stopped during the winter time, but now that it is starting to warm up, the paint is beginning to peel even further. There is no central air system in the house, and it gets very warm and stuffy upstairs during the day during the summer. The paint is coming very cleanly off the drywall that was underneath it, which indicates to me that a primer should have been applied and was not. Am I thinking correctly? What can I do for better ventilation in the second floor?

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    Sounds like a humidity problem.

    First, you have to correct the paint situation, remove the paint and re-do it.

    Then improve air circulation in the area. A ceiling fan would help.

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