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    Default maintaining a flowing stream

    My daughter and son in law have a stream in their backyard. It is approx 3 feet wide, 2 feet deep and 90 feet long. About 1/3 is flowing ok but 2/3 is backedup by debris. I know we must remove all roots, mud and all debris. My question is how do we maintain a clean and good flowing stream. The backed up portion is slowing seaping into the main yard. Do we use landscaping fabric, tubing, stone? I do not have any pictures. Thank you for any help you can give us.

    Hi Again
    I'm new to this. I do not know if i should edit my first question or post a reply. So I am doing both.
    Sorry for the confusion. They bought the house about 3 or 4 years ago.
    It is an actural stream that flows in many back yards in their neighborhood. From the top of the their street to the end is about a mile. It collects rain water and at the end of the street flows into a bigger stream and onto the ocean. We do not us it to put debris in. Over the years trees and brush have grown on one side of the stream and now it needs cleaning. I know we must remove the trees, brush and all debris to get a god flow. But my question is how do we maintain a good flow after we clean it our. Do we put down landscaping fabric liner to help seaping water back into the stream? Do we put in a pipe that has holes in it to help maintain the flow? Do we put rocks in to help hold the liner and pipe in place? How big can the rocks be one foot in diameter, 2 feet in diameter. We are trying to save money so we do not want to buy stone. We want to use what we have just laying around. Any suggestions will be appreaciated.
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