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    Default Reaching High Ceilings

    I have need to do work around skylights located in vaulted ceilings, and also windows around the same height.

    What is the best tool to reach this height? What type/size ladder? Also, is it possible to use a aerial lift for this?


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    Default Re: Reaching High Ceilings

    Depends, what is the access to the area like and what is in the area itself?

    Lifts tend to be larger than what will fit inside a house, they are also very heavy which can cause problems with the floor. A lift would be perfect for a warehouse situation.

    Inside a house, especially a furnished one, scaffold would be the better choice.
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    Default Re: Reaching High Ceilings

    A good tall step ladder can be handy. Just get one tall enough so you don't have to use the last step.
    For a large or involved job, scaffolding might be best.

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