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    Cool new water heater

    I recently installed a new walk in shower, with 3 body sprays and a 10" rain shower. All this will use 10 gpm. I am trying to find out, what will be the best way to replace my 40 gal gas water heater? I also have a 3 section boiler. Should I add a tankless heater to my boiler with a 50gal storage tank or should I get a direct fired heater?:

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    Default Re: new water heater

    Since you already have a HW boiler, the general recommendation would be for a companion high capacity heat exchanger indirect hot water heater, which would use the HW from the boiler to heat the shower water.

    Given the high amount of water coming out of your faucets & shower heads, you may need a large unit of 50-120 gal. gal. capacity; definitely consult the Yellow Pages under "Heating Contractors" for a tech experienced in high volume showers for the right match; my catalog lists units by Triangle Tube Phase 3, HTP Superstor, Weil-McLain G0ld Plus, Lochinvar Squire, TFI Everhot, Viessmann Verticell, Peerless, Utica, all good mfgrs.; but you may need a large unit that has a capacity of close to 120 gal.

    These units are the LEAST EXPENSIVE & most efficient way to produce domestic hot water (DHW); since there are no moving internal parts or flues to burn out they usually last for 20 yrs without any breakdowns.

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    Default Re: new water heater

    I would use the boiler for you capacity, but I think you'll need a second on one very large indirect tank. A good mechanical contractor can size this correctly. IT basically gets treated like a very large home since your instantaneous useage is nearly double that of a normal home... and uses 5X that of a normal shower.
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