Hi Guys,

I'm closing on an old house at the end of the month. We've been through a lot with the well that the house is attached to. When the house was inspected and the water was tested, it was revealed to have E coli in the well, as well as coliform bacteria. We spoke to the local municipal water company in Southern CT and were told that there was indeed a water line on the street, so we were planning on hooking up municipal water. Once we started the wheels turning in that direction, the contractor for that job contacted the water company, and was told that they made a mistake, there was no water pipe on the street. There may have been a private line at one time, but whatever was there now was insufficient and unusable.

So back to the well. Its a shallow dug well with a cement casing. Its in an area with sandy soil and a high water table, just to give you a little background. We had a well company come out and chlorinate the well, as well as install a UV filter, a new pressure tank was also installed, the old one had ruptured.

So now the water test comes back clean and with no bacteria, however, the initial test showed a high iron content (0.4 mg/L) as well as moderate hardness, it was at 103. There is no softener installed, so I'm wondering what I should expect as far as a usable water supply. Calcium was 34 mg/L, copper was .15 mg/L, sodium was 19.3 mg/L, Sulfate was also 34 mb/L. With an iron level like that, and I suppose with all the other minerals, will it be turning my clothes brown and making my water smell and taste funny?