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    Default Unable to mount curtain rod - Aluminum behind drywall

    I am trying to install a curtain rod about 4" above a first floor window. Unfortunately there appears to be some type of aluminum or duct work behind the drywall. Do not think it is plumbing. When drilling the pilot hole I hit the metal and drill right into it. The consistency of material felt like aluminum. I would be surprised it is were duct work given the location and the depth of the wall (exterior wall). Any thoughts on what could be back there?

    Also does anyone have a tip on how to hang a curtain rod in this situation?

    Thanks in advanced for any tips or advice.

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    Default Re: Unable to mount curtain rod - Aluminum behind drywall

    Could be a duct, a steel stud. God forbid a plumbing or gas pipe. Yikes might be time to make an observation hole to find out.
    Any an all of my comments are just my opinion and not to be confused with facts.

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    Default Re: Unable to mount curtain rod - Aluminum behind drywall

    You definitely need to find out what you drilled into! Hopefully it isn't critical but piping or electrical conduit means a big safety-loss potential. Whatever it was mattered or it wouldn't be there. You said first floor- I'm hoping there's no second so you can go into the attic and see what comes up out of the wall at that point and where it goes to which will tell the tale. If you see nothing do the same thing from under the house. If that still shows nothing you have two choices- wait till something happens or open the wall up to see what has happened.

    Generally before you drill into a wall you should gently drive a finish nail into the proposed spot slowly so you can feel what is back there before it gets damaged.


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