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It is easy to forget an "obvious" step when you know what you're doing, so as a novice DIY'r, you can't take a single how-to process or video as gospel. It will take trial and error on your part to ferret out the process that works for you.

What I would recommend is that you forget about those videos for a second and just miter cut yourself some template pieces of trim so that you understand how to orient the material in the saw to get the cuts you need.

Set the saw at 45*. How you place the material into the saw will depend on whether you're cutting an inside or an outside corner. Cut yourself a set of inside corner and outside corner template pieces. Now, you can simply place your template piece into the saw to set it up before you start whacking away at your lengths of molding.

If memory serves, holding the material upside down at the correct spring angle against the saw fence will produce an inside corner. Holding the material right side up and facing the fence at the correct spring angle will produce an outside corner. Once you have your template pieces you'll never question saw orientation again.
Practised again last night, following what I learned from you guys, putting upside down and 45* milter cut, it was much better. I did much research about crown molding installation in advance, but didn't decide coping. Two years ago when I prepared to install a hardwood floor, A. Spruce answered my questions and gave good advices. My job was decent for a amateur. Hopefully this time is the same.