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    Unhappy Cracked porcelin sink replacement

    I cracked a new undermount (under granite) porcelin sink. I am thinking I will need to replace the sink. How easy is this to do or do I need to call a pro. If a pro is needed would that be a plumber or the granite fabricator? Thanks for any help!

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    Default Re: Cracked porcelin sink replacement

    You can do it yourself, just make sure you replace it with the same exact sink to make it easier. Cut the silicone between the sink and granite. Undo as much of the drain assembly as possible, you may have to cut the trap and coupling it on the re-install. Then slowly undo the clips attaching the sink to the granite while a helper holds the bowl. Now install new one in reverse order except silicone bowl top edge first. If too complicated a plumber does that line of work.


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