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    Question Living Room Ceiling - Drywall Question

    In preparing a house for sale - the living room ceiling needs to be replaced. Got quotes, etc.
    However, the brother-in-law wants to just hang drywall on top of the old ceiling. Is this permitted? Are their any violations regarding this process. I know it isn't optimal - but if it is a viable alternative - would like to consider.

    Many thanks,

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    Default Re: Living Room Ceiling - Drywall Question

    What is wrong with the ceiling you've got?
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    Default Re: Living Room Ceiling - Drywall Question

    Your brother-in-law should be a mortgage banker with his ethics . . . or like the previous owner of my house (latex paint over unprepared oil paint, hidden latent termite damage, etc.).

    At least, have you fixed the problem causing the ceiling issue ?

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    Default Re: Living Room Ceiling - Drywall Question

    We did this in our bathroom and are gonig to to do it in the other rooms as well that have this hideous big white tiles like you see in the store as the ceilings. I wanted to take them out and put drywall up but husband thought it easier to just screw drywall on top of it. We taped and painted it and it looks like new!

    HOWEVER, there is no damage to the other ceiling. Out of courtesy to the new buyer, make sure you fix any problem that could cause further damage to the ceiling first.

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    Default Re: Living Room Ceiling - Drywall Question

    I've seen it done, usually with thinner drywall. You will add a lot of weight to your ceiling, so remember to use longer screws and more of them, making sure that they all go into the joists. Then just tape and finish.

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