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    Question Insulating basement walls

    I have a finished basement and I would like to try to insulate the walls. The basement was finished before we bought the house so I am not sure what is behind the dry wall. I have seen plastic in some places but not all over. A Bdry system was installed in 1995 and I have seen in some places some type of hard clear plastic about 8" tall up next to the wall at the floor. I would like to blow in insulation to minumize damaging the dry wall. The foundation walls are concrete block. Does anyone have any advise.

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    Wink Re: Insulating basement walls

    Because of the moisture in the basement you cannot use the blow in cellulose,if it gets wet it will pack down and if it stays wet it will grow mold and fungus, you would have to inject it with spray foam or seperate the walls from the foundation with a proper vapor barrier and the install,fiberglass,or rock wool batts and repair your drywall, use mold tough drywall or cement board on the exterir stud walls to prevent any mold issues! Good Luck!

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