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    Default transplant a mature fig tee (fruit bearing)

    This tree has some sentimental value. It has to be moved, before the property changes hands.

    I'd like to move it from northern NJ to mid valley NY. It's rather large.

    Can anyone suggest how to move this, short of hiring someone with a tree spade? Tho that is always possible, if someone in that area can be found to do it.

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    Default Re: transplant a mature fig tee (fruit bearing)

    What is the trunk diameter 6 inches above the ground?

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    Default Re: transplant a mature fig tee (fruit bearing)

    Are there any branches that have either tip rooted or dipped down to the ground and rooted? These are a lot easier to transplant. Figs usually sucker around the base, they transplant easily as well. The problem with the small tree is that they take a long time to where they get big enough to not die back every year. Something that helps is to bury the tree in leaves or straw every winter until it get to big to do this.

    You can cut the tree down to the ground and you will have plenty of shoots to did up by midsummer.

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