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    Default Can't find fitting for Steel City Floor Box

    1975 house; discovered electrical floor box in concrete when we pulled up old flooring; new flooring installer cut holes in order to utilize floor outlet; PROBLEM: No area electrical supply dealers carry the 2 3/4" outlet fitting to screw into existing box. I just need the electrical plug and fitting that goes with it to screw into the box so I can use the outlet. Any ideas of where I can get this fitting? At this point, I don't care if it is plastic or brass. I just want it to fit. I am frustrated because I now have two holes that I cannot finish out. One is for a telephone ( I plan to just plug this one for now); One is for an electrical outlet.

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    Wink Re: Can't find fitting for Steel City Floor Box

    A lot of these covers are manufacturer specific and a lot has changed since 1975, most of these decorative devices are no longer availabe, There are still some names out there ,but you need to buy the whole assembley with the flange and gasket and cover plate, check out thomas and betts, leviton, and hubbell if they don't have what you want you can try an antique electrical parts or supply house, some won't sell them to you if you are not a licensed tradesman, some of these devices can be pretty expensive now since they are mostly made from brass, I have seen some plastic and pot metal ones from hubble! Good Luck!

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    Default Re: Can't find fitting for Steel City Floor Box

    Any chance you could post a photo?

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