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    Default Hardwood Floor Maintenance

    We just bought out first home and I refinished the hardwood floor in the living room. Took the sand, tack, stain, and oil-based polyeuratane route and it looks great. Very happy with results. Now, is there any additional/continuing maintenance I need to do to the floor?
    Thanks Dave

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    Default Re: Hardwood Floor Maintenance

    One of the reasons that wooden floors have become so popular in later years is the improvement in the quality of urethane varnishes. Today's varnishes do not require alot of routine care other than keeping them clean, especially of gritty dirt. The one big no-no with wooden floors is to never use flowing water to clean them, but merely damp mop them. I personally use products by the Bona Company. They make a complete line of floor care products. ther website is:
    I use their microfiber damp mop dampened with their floor cleaner. They also make a topical sealer which is used periodically on top of your varnish.

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