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    Default Changing insulation....worth it?

    We are finishing our walk out basement. It already has 2x6 walls filled with cellulose insulation. Some of that insulation has settled and left voids in the wall. I am going to need to insulate some new walls anyway so do I pull all the cellulose and spray foam(open)? Or just repack the cellulose with some more and move on. I want it warm and air tight. It is a lot of wall 100+ft of exterior wall. Will I see a benefit....enough to justify? I regret not doing it foam the first time.

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    Default Re: Changing insulation....worth it?

    The most cost effective will be to add cellulose to the voids. To tear out the cellulose and replace it with foam will never pay off, but if you want the foam, then you should do it.

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