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    Default garbage disposals with farmhouse sinks

    I am a first time home buyer, renovating a 1923 bungalow and want to install a farmhouse/apron sink. These can be very expensive but I found one for under 200 at IKEA. On an IKEA fan-forum I saw that people had had problems with the force from a disposal cracking the sink. Is this because this is a cheaply made sink? Is this a common problem with Fireclay and Vitreous China sinks? Is there a minimum or maximum horse power disposal I should use? I'd like to find a sink that can stand the force of a disposal for closer to 500 than 1000 dollars. Any advice welcome.


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    Default Re: garbage disposals with farmhouse sinks

    Never heard of a disposer cracking the sink maybe it was the installer or maybe it vibrated really bad due to something caught in disposer maybe its bad material cheap sink but if you don't mind paying a little more for a disposal you could get a pro excel or pro essential from Insinkerator the Pro lines especially the Excel has a sound proof baffle and a vibration mount so it can move its 60% more quite than other disposers but because the way its designed it wouldn't put stress on the sink.

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