We just moved into our new Old House and noticed a rotten egg smell coming from the kitchen sink, we did some investigating and found:

1. Cold Water only has the smell, the hot water does not smell at all (From what I've read usually the hot water smells worse)

2. The kitchen and Main bathroom sink and toilet are the only ones that smell, the master bath is fine as is the Shower and Laundry that are in the Main bath.

3. The house has a water softener that supposedly is a whole house system.

4. The house had been vacant for about a month before we moved in I have not checked with the previous occupant to see if she noticed the smell, but could if that info would help.

5. Well Water

We want to get rid of the smell (it is really grossing me out!) but have no idea where to begin. It is definately the water and not the drain. I have read that it could be the water softener, hot water heater, pipe or well. I'm assuming its not the hot water heater since the hot water doesnt smell. So I dont know where to go next? Any help would be great! Thanks