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    Default Barrington project featured in a movie

    Just watched the movie Hocus Pocus (1993). It featured the house as the home of the boy and little sister hero's of the story. In the movie it had a cupola on top, but is definitely the Barrington Project.

    The movie had Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker as the most recognizable stars.

    Betcha TOH didn't know this.

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    Default Re: Barrington project featured in a movie

    I was living in (Essex Street) Salem, MA when they filmed that movie..walking my dog at the Salem Common directly across from the Movie's "high school" the time the renovated school was a group of townhomes and condos for Section 8 and special needs housing.
    not sure how much of the balance was filmed in New England..many of the 'Salem Sites" weren't anything we recognized

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    Default Re: Barrington project featured in a movie

    Was the project on 100 Acre Cove in Barrington, RI ?
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    Default Re: Barrington project featured in a movie

    Don't know about 100 acre cove but it is easy to find on Google maps. It is at the end of Loraine St. across from the Town Beach parking lot. When I first found it last year it showed the original house, now it is the remodeled house, so Google does update occasionally!

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