I see someone else cooks like I do

Smoke detectors are good, but when I was doing rental homes invariably all of them had the batteries out when I did a service call or a move-out inspection. Houston Remodeler, I'm going to borrow your cover/stick idea- you're into something about not needing the ladder!

It's high time someone is working on the 'false-alarm' issue and once they perfect this, all the older ones should be outlawed since an un-powered smoke detector is as dead as the victim it was supposed to protect.

With the layout of my place I have the same kitchen problem. My solution was to put the detector in a bookshelf so there will be some smoke on the ceiling when it goes off but I can still crawl out under that if the worst happens. I refuse to leave it 'dead' so I hopefully won't be

If anyone tries one of these newer ones please post and let us know the details.