My modus operandi is to pull the battery away from the contacts once I get up in the morning so the smoke detector doesn't go off when I cook breakfast. I slide it back at night. Ever since the smoke detector was new, a few years ago, it will beep as it makes contact, a good long beep.

Lately, it is not making good long beeps. They are weak and sometimes it takes a few attempts to get it to beep at all. I have checked the battery. It is fine.

Are the contacts getting oxidized maybe?

Does anyone know of a smoke detector that I can buy that has an on-off switch (like a pull chain)? All of us small apartment dwellers would like a smoke detector that wouldn't get set off when we cook, or a way to deal with one.

I always make sure it beeps when I go to bed at night. I am getting worried that it may not be working now that it doesn't beep as strongly when I reconnect the battery.

Thanks for any help.


John L