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    We would like to move our kitchen to the back of our house, we have oil furnace with baseboard heat. The system runs in two loops,one to the right and one to the left on the main floor of the house.
    What do you do with the baseboard if you want to put in kitchen cabinets? The loop ends in the next room after the room we went to change. If we cut the pipe in the room before the kitchen, I'll lose my heat to the back of the house. What are my options? We have a two story house on a slab.

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    This type of work is done all the time---------I assume you will hire a heating tech to do the install.

    In the case of the new kitchen, since kitchen cabinets and appliances will be taking up nearly all the floor space, the kitchen baseboard will be removed and kickspace heaters (Beacon site below) are usually added, since they also run on hot water and can be installed at the bottom-front of the kitchen cabinets; these kickspace heaters have a small footprint of approx 16" X 4" and have a small quiet fan inside to distribute the heat to the kitchen; a heat-loss calculation is done of the needed heat for the kitchen & one or two kickspace heaters that are sized to meet the needed heat and installed; it's important to get a kickspace that 1) puts out enough heat and 2) has a quiet -running fan---once at the Beacon Morris site, click onto the white bar on top saying "select other residential products" to click onto the various other residential recessed and semi-recessed convectors designed for kitchens, such as floor vectors and the various space-saving convectors; other convector possibilities for the kitchen include small stainless steel radiators, or even a small cast iron radiator, if room allows.

    The hot water loop can thus begin unseen behind the kitchen cabinets, and continue perhaps up & over the kitchen ceiling if there is no access thru a crawl space under the floor or via the floor joists to connect to the loops in the rest of the house; consult the Yellow Pages under "Heating Contractors" or call your present fuel oil supplier to get several estimates for the modification.
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    Those Kick space heaters sound like a good idea. One thing I would do is to ensure easy access to the heater as they do have moving parts, and moving parts require maintenance.

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